Pittsburgh Community Deathcare formed in 2017 from an awareness that the services provided by the current healthcare system are not always enough to support a person and their family throughout the dying process. We are an alliance of death-positive practitioners who offer a layer of support that complements conventional healthcare. Our group includes death doulas, holistic healthcare practitioners, educators, social workers, funeral directors, celebrants, and grief counselors. We are all passionate about reclaiming and reimagining end-of-life care: during the planning stage, through the dying process, immediately after passing, and in bereavement.

We want to open the conversation many people dread, to begin to ask, "What is a good death?" We want the people around us to face the end of their lives with honesty and courage, to realize that this moment, common to all living beings, holds great possibilities--including the chance, perhaps, for strengthening spiritual connections and deepening relationships with those we love. Whatever your unique challenges, needs, and wishes, we would like to help you co-create a death that is full of dignity, meaning, and integrity.